CBCM: Certified Banking Cybersecurity Manager

4 sessions

Cody Delzer


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  • Learn to perform essential cybersecurity functions.
  • Address real-world cybersecurity issues and establish solutions.
  • Become more efficient and effective with your cybersecurity responsibilities.
  • Collaborate with a cybersecurity expert to build material to implement at your institution.

The Certified Banking Cybersecurity Manager certification course will focus specifically on each element of the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, issued June 30th, 2015. This course will build a solid foundation of understanding for the FFIEC guidance,  cyber risk management practices, improving your information security program for cyber threats, and clear auditing expectations to address this new guidance. In addition to thoroughly exploring each element of the FFIEC guidance we will complete detailed lab exercises that demonstrate how each process works. Students should be able to complete their actual assessment for their institution as part of the course. This is a management level course that touches on critical knowledge needed for c-level, CEO’s, and Information Security Officers.

If session dates do not work for you, please contact the institute:

Email: sbsinstitute@sbscyber.com, Phone: (605)269-0909


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Module 1 – Cybersecurity Overview

Lecture 1 – Cybercrime                                     0:30 hours

Lecture 2 – Regulatory Overview                     0:30 hours

Lecture 3 – Information Security Frameworks 0:30 hours

Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 – Inherent Risk

Lecture 1 – FFIEC Inherent Risk Process         0:30 hours

Module 2 Lab – Complete Inherent Risk Assessment

Module 3 – Risk Maturity

Lecture 1 – Risk Maturity Process                    1:00 hours

Module 3 Lab – Complete Risk Maturity Assessment

Module 4 – Cybersecurity Policy

Lecture 1 – Governing Policy                            0:30 hours

Module 4 Lab – Write Cybersecurity Policy

Module 5 – Effective Cyber Security Reporting and Decision-Making

Lecture 1 – GAPS in Information Security Program 0:30 hours

Lecture 2 – Action Tracking                               0:30 hours

Lecture 3 – Board Reporting                             0:30 hours

Module 5 Lab – Board Report

Module 6 – Cybersecurity Audit

Lecture 2 – Auditing Cybersecurity                 0:30 hours

Module 6 Lab – Create Audit Workpapers

Module 7 – Enterprise Risk Management

Lecture 1 – IT Risk Assessment                         0:30 hours

Lecture 2 – Commercial Customer Risk Assessment 0:30 hours

Lecture 3 – Enterprise Risk Assessment          0:30 hours

Module 7 Quiz

Comprehensive 100 Multiple Choice Exam


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